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CenKan Lead Testing

Lead Paint FAQ's with answers

  1. What is Lead Based Paint?

Lead Based Paint is any surface coating, including paints, stains, sealant, and/or glazing, that contains over or 1 microgram of lead per square centimeter.

  1. What are the dangers of Lead Base Paint?

The paint by itself is not a great hazard, the danger comes from when the paint is degraded, disturbed, or abraded; the resulting dust is than accessible to be inhaled or ingested by the body. A common myth is that kids eat paint chips, but in actuality they ingest lead dust from hand to mouth contact from lead dust in the house or from bare soil in the yard. To a lesser degree kids ingest lead by chewing on lead based painted window sills or other accessible room components. Once digested/inhaled lead travels throughout the body via the blood. It affects children and fetuses in the following ways: Nervous system and kidney damage; Learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder and decreased intelligence; Speech, language, and behavior problems; Poor muscle coordination; Decreased muscle and bone growth; and hearing damage. These effects are long-term and often irreversible.

  1. Why are kids 6 and younger more adversely affected by lead?

At this age children's brains and nervous systems are more sensitive to the damaging effects of lead. Children's growing bodies absorb more lead. Babies and young children often put their hands and other objects in their mouths. These objects can have lead dust on them.

  1. How many kids are affected by Lead Based Paint?

Many believe that statistics are underreported due to misdiagnoses, because the symptoms of lead poisoning is so similar to other conditions like ADHD. According to the Barton County Health Department, at any given time they are investigating 10 - 20 child Elevated Blood Lead (EBL) levels in Barton County itself.

  1. What is the effect of lead dust on adults?

Increased chance of illness during pregnancy. Harm to a fetus, including brain damage or death. Fertility problems (in men and women). High blood pressure. Digestive problems. Nerve disorders. Memory and concentration problems. Muscle and joint pain.

  1. Does "lead based paint" just mean paint?

No, any type of sealant, coat, varnish and paint could have lead in it as an additive.

  1. Who must follow Lead Safe Work Practices?

Anyone who is compensated in anyway for the work, this includes contractors, handymen, and landlords. Anyone living in a pre 1978 house should ensure Lead Safe Work Practices are followed by anybody working in the house, unless the house has been tested to show no Lead Based Paint is present.
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